Terms Of Use



1.   Corkadoodledoo respects copyright laws so make sure you own the rights or have permission to use any of the images you upload for us to print. If you’re not sure if you own copyright or have permission to use an image you probably don’t. We have the right to reject or refuse to print any images that do not follow copyright laws or that do not comply with our “user conduct” terms of use.


2.   We will never use, sell, promote, or print any of your images without your prior written or emailed consent – it’s your work and it can’t be used in any way without your permission.


3.   The files you upload are stored on our secure servers and may remain there for back-up purposes in case your piece is damaged in transit. If you want us to permanently delete your images from our server please let us know when you place your order and we will gladly arrange this. Otherwise files may be regularly deleted off our server without any notification. Make sure you back up your images!


4.   Hard copy photos / images you send to us to be scanned will be treated with the utmost care and will be returned to you with your package  (unless you specify otherwise) but we can’t be held responsible for photos that are lost in transit or damaged while out of our hands.