About The Company

Rayacom successful concept was founded in 2004, with a focus on providing business services through the core products of print, design, and marketing. The company has witnessed rapid growth and heightened interests since its inception. We offer a multitude of services through a wide spectrum of technology, placing us at the leading edge of our competitors. So when it comes to print solutions, the one place that people know they can turn to is Rayacom.

Whether you have previous knowledge or experience in the printing industry or running your own business, Rayacom will provide you with all the training and support you need to achieve your goals. All you need is the drive to succeed!

The purpose of this information package is to offer insight into our business and this amazing franchise. Rayacom’s goal is to see their franchisees as successful as possible through their businesses, and for them to witness the dynamic growth of the Rayacom brand all over the country.